Eye & Laser Clinic

I have done a great deal of work within the Eye & Laser Clinic website. It is a large site, not template-based, and the client was going through the entire site making lots of little changes—adding, subtracting, relocating and deleting information.

A number of new pages were created, several of which were for new procedures, and one was removed from the site. The main Procedures page also had discrepancies in the order of the listings. This extended to the sidebars and had to be corrected in anywhere from one to three navigation locations on almost every page throughout the site.

The Clinic News page also required new pages, as well as the creation of a new section for old, out-of-date newsletters.

Two pages were added for the Staff, requiring the addition of CSS code for placement of the images and placement and display of the staff lists.

New testimonials were added, affecting both the home and Testimonials pages. An image was added here as well, requiring a lot of adjustment to the Home page to keep it from breaking the layout.