The Rose Petal Footprints backgrounds

The Rose Petal Footprints began as a graphic novel, expanded into a screenplay and is now on it’s way to becoming an animated short film.
These paintings are a series of four scalable, high-resolution files created using Corel Painter, each encompassing the backgrounds for multiple scenes within the movie and employing layers to allow for the animation of characters and footprints.
The background for the Village was designed using Eastern perspective, inspired by David Hockney’s film “A Day on the Grand Canal With the Emperor of China.” I wanted to be able to utilize the expanded views that this form of perspective has to offer. It's scenes may be viewed here.

The layers in the Forest backgrounds allow for the characters to pass across the footbridge and to stand behind the gate.

In the Cottage Grounds, the footprints were placed on separate layers to allow for their presence or absence to be animated within the scenes as needed. This strategy was employed in the forest as well.

The paintings for the Cottage Interiors required accommodation for scenes to occur at different times of day and circumstance. Layers allow for the kitchen door to be open or closed and the bedroom windows and mirror to show daylight or night. In addition, the layers were planned to permit characters to sit in the chairs.